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You are about to learn the secrets to transform your nagging health issues into Personal Performance you never thought possible!

Let’s be honest, you are successful at what you do, but you have a sneaking suspicion that your relentless drive is about to burn you out. Maybe you already are noticing nagging health issues, or perhaps you see them coming. But how do you keep your professional momentum without sacrificing even more of your health or your personal life?

Having chronic health issues can impact professional success and can be a complex maze to navigate. But it doesn’t have to be! You’d be amazed how simple lifestyle changes, done with the right system, with the right support and with the right accountability can be so effective! And to supercharge the vitality, doing a deep dive into the body's function (through functional lab testing) provides us with specific actions we can take towards accelerating our healing! During the Transform Your Vitality program you will discover:

  • How to incorporate your personalized nutrition plan - customized perfectly for your body
  • How to get restful and restorative sleep - every night!
  • How to prioritize your health when you are consumed by a seemingly endless “to-do” list
  • How to implement simple mindfulness habits without having to remember to be mindful
  • How to support your body’s healing through the deeper insight of functional lab work
  • How to understand what your body needs each day for optimal healing

There are easy, potent ways of quickly generating energy, reducing stress, reducing inflammation and creating vitality. These specific biological and psychological “switches” turn stress reactions off and relaxation responses on. Flipping these switches is the key to helping the body heal itself and upgrading our experiences of work, family, friends, and FUN! The foundation that supports the above transformation “switchboard” is:

  • Real Food  –  Providing the proper balance of nutritional raw materials is essential. Most people are deficient in multiple areas, which results in disease or malfunction. Getting what we need improves everything from sleep and mood to immune function and sexuality.
  • Rest  –  We live in a 24x7 world, often overlooking how pivotal rest is for health. Cultivating a healthy relationship with adequate rest promotes healing and sustained energy.
  • Movement  –  Usually we hear it’s not enough, so we drive ourselves harder. But often times too much can create hidden stresses inside the body. Finding the right kind and quantity of movement is critical to restoring vitality.
  • Stress Reduction – Most of us think of this as emotional stress. Stress is hidden in many forms such as infection, food intolerance, and chemical exposure. Discovering and eliminating the stresses around you can have profound effects on your health and vitality. 

Here's what other clients are saying...

I was sitting quietly in the sun streaming through my window thinking of all the things for which I am thankful, when Toréa came to mind. As I sipped on my homemade short decaf coconut (full fat) milk pumpkin latte, I reflected on the past few months. I am thankful for her, and all she has done to help me heal. Grateful for her patience, time, expertise, knowledge, and positive attitude. I know that I’m not “out of the woods” yet, but believe I am on my way, thanks to Toréa’s guidance.
— Nina, Davis CA
After two weeks of grain and gluten free diet trying to loose my ‘belly-fat’, something happened today and I’m still amazed... Went to bed early. Slept straight for a good eleven hours. Woke up and stepped on the scale to see if I’ve lost anther pound or close to it in the last week. I expected to see about 67.2 or even 66.9 kg (147-148 lbs). Well, that’s not what the scale said. It showed; 63.6 kg (140 lbs) and I didn’t believe it! My goal!! Stepped on it again and still 63.8 kg! This is not correct, I thought, so I did some ultimate tests. I put on my smallest sized pencil skirt, which I couldn’t wear for over a year. And it fitted like a glove. Okay ..... Went for my favorite jeans, didn’t wear them for almost a year, and it fitted too! With no problem at all! Even tested the scale again after breakfast and still 64.4 kg (142 lbs). It looks like I’ve lost a huge amount of weight “over-night”. Although change of diet had something to do with the weight loss, I think it’s clear that the cortisol and stress (big and small) have the biggest role.
— Karen R, Netherlands
Toréa is incredibly knowledgeable about implementing stress reduction strategies and following the Autoimmune Protocol elimination diet. She provides a safe environment to ask questions and always gives supportive and insightful advice. I learned a lot about myself through working with her and ultimately have experienced an increase in my GI health.
— Katie T, Boston MA

Ready to get started?

Then the Vitality Discovery Session is exactly what you need! In this private session, we’ll be able to get to know YOU and your goals. This session is designed for you to walk away with a breakthrough — no matter what!. In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The surprising reason why promotions increase our chances of illness
  • Why thinking that we need to fix our health is the mindset that can keep us sick.
  • How to achieve your professional goals without having to sacrifice your personal life or health to do it.
  • The assumption your doctor is probably making that is slowly killing you.
  • Top performance requires the right metrics. Discover which metrics leverage the most gains and which are just decoys.
  • What hypoxia experiments with pilots tell us about our underestimation of health. 

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