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Chatting it up!

I've been chatting it up and was featured on the Paleo Baby podcast this week.  Chris and Julie Kelly of host the Paleo Baby podcast and we had a great chat about Hashimoto's and the importance of getting to the root cause of any health issue.

While Hashimoto's may be a disease of the thyroid, managing Hashimoto's typically demands a multi-factorial approach. Listen in on our discussion of my healing journey and how I have been discovering healing every step of the way. Sometimes, you just have to keep looking for solutions till you find one!

Also on the podcast, I announce my signup page for taking clients. I will be finishing up my FDN certification soon and if any of you have an interest in working with me one-on-one, you can sign up here to be one of the first to be notified when I start working with clients one on one. 

 Let me know in the comments if you like the show! I'll do more if that is a format that you like. :)



How to Get Out of a Hormone Rut - the Second Opinion

CC Image Courtesy of Bushtick

CC Image Courtesy of Bushtick

When I was learning how to fly, there were day's where I heard lots of sighs coming through the intercom from the back seat. I learned to fly in a Citabria, so my instructor was in the back… sighing and sometimes chuckling as he watched me attempt to land the thing with zero resemblance of grace - more often a chaotic wrestling to the ground. What he helped me realize, is that I have a tendency to stick with the “tried and true” because it worked in the past. I mean if it worked once, it should work again, right? But that is like missing the forest when you are focused on just the trees. Sometimes stepping back and trying a new approach can make all the difference.

When I would finally give up on what worked in the past, pay attention to what is happening in the present (wind conditions, aircraft weight, airport obstacles etc) and then try something new, suddenly the Citabria seemed to land itself and grace ensued! This is when he'd exclaim “Finally! Learning is occurring!”

During my Potions, Pills, & Powders escapade of late, I started reflecting on the last 4 years of my healing journey. Things admittedly have gotten better, but to be honest, they have gone somewhat cyclical and episodic. I have periods where I feel better, and then I have periods where I feel like I am chaotically wrestling with my thyroid.

I realized that I have been doing exactly what I did when I was sticking to the “tried and true” during flight training. I have had treatment protocols that worked in the past for my thyroid, and thus, I have stuck with them. Of course, I have also done protocols for adrenal and GI health; It's silly not to think that those protocols might have an affect on my thyroid given the interrelatedness of our endocrine systems. It’s almost as if I heard my flight instructor sigh again from the back seat! Time to pay attention to the present conditions.

I decided to try a fresh perspective: a second opinion! So today I watched the sun rise and set from an airplane to visit a new clinic in a neighboring state. I found a clinic that specializes in thyroid care, as well as an overall integrative approach to health. In talking with the new doctor today, it was really clear that I have been stuck in a rut of applying the same methods expecting the same result as before without taking into account the present conditions.

The second opinion is exactly what I needed: a fresh perspective, a change to my treatment protocol and new investigations into my thyroid jankyness™. The overarching feeling of all this is RELIEF! Relief that I am not stuck in that rut forever, and optimism that I will find my sweet spot, or as Dr. Sara Gottfried says, my Goldilocks position with my thyroid: not too high, not too low.

5 Signs Its Time for a Second Opinion

  1. That dosage or protocol that worked before - the “tried and true”, yet all your symptoms have returned
  2. Your treating physician seems uninterested in investigating new approaches
  3. That feeling of being stuck in SSDD - Same Situation Different Day
  4. You’re doing all the work, checking every checkbox yet getting nowhere
  5. You just know in your heart of hearts (yep, that intuition thang!) that something needs to change