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Welcome to My "Book Club"

I love getting lost in a good bookstore! 'Course these days, its mostly on the iBook Store... but I digress.... While there are a ton of book clubs you can belong to, I find that I just go about my own way. Having never signed up for a Book Club, I still love to get ideas on what to read from others. So I thought I would share what I am currently reading. And, yep, Im one of those that reads a lot of books simultaneously!

Eat The Yolks by Liz Wolfe has got to be one of the best books available to learn about our food industry and health myths that have been so rampant for so long in our society. I just am loving the humor, but also the myth busting!

The Wahls Protocol by Dr Terry Wahls. I have written about Dr Whals before and posted links to her famous TEDx Talk. I think that her diet is top notch for anyone, not only those with MS or other Autoimmune diseases. I personally am following her Wahls Paleo Plus™ diet right now to see if I can make further enhancements to controlling my autoimmune disease. You can find out more about the Wahls Protocol and the research foundation here.

Sexy By Nature by Stefanie Ruper - this is a great book about body image, self confidence, healthy eating and the psychology of confidence. Im really enjoying this one. And if you want to get more of Stefani and her work, she has a great blog!

Naked Calories by Jayson and Mira Calton. Im learning a lot about micronutrients and why they are so important. Not to mention how easy it is in our modern world to have micronutrient deficiencies. It's likely a key contributor to why I accumulated heavy metal toxicity. Check out more of the Calton's work here.

Food for Humans by Henry Fong and Michelle Tam from the popular Nom Nom Paleo blog. I picked this book up in January and still cook from it on a weekly basis. I am loving it! Easy to make recipes and nothing has let me down yet!

Paleo Foodie Cookbook by Arsy Vartanian. Arsy is the author of the popular blog Rubies & Radishes and is a great chef to boot! Given my foodie tendencies, this book has been right up my alley!

American Gods and Anasazi Boys by Neil Gaiman. I am still a sci-fi girl at heart and I love a good set of fiction novels to offset my reading adventures. Neil never disappoints with is Novels and Im having a great time following this adventure that Shadow is on!

Well that is it for now. I will post another in the coming months to get you an idea of what I am reading and hopefully inspire some reading for you too!

If you have opinions about any of these titles and want to share, please do so in the comments below!