Sometimes we feel alone while trying to troubleshoot our health. For those of us with chronic disease, its hard for those around us to really understand. We don't have a cast on an arm, stitches on a hand, or spend time in a hospital (most times). So without the discrete visual signs that are so outward to others, its hard for them to understand why we claim we are sick. In addition to not having a lot of people around us who can relate, often times even our practitioners miss key clues as to how we are feeling.

I don't know how many times I have had to sleuth out my own treatment protocols, no matter how much "expertise" status my practitioner had at the time. So while I have the guidance of a practitioner, I often times have to go with my intuition and try things on my own. This is what leads me to being such a fan of the n=1 experiments. I don't care how many population-based double-blind studies there are out there for a particular treatment, it doesn't do buckus for me if I am one of the ones on the extreme edges of the statistical means. If it works for me in my own single data (n=1) experiment, than that is all that matters at the end of the day This also means really fine-tuning a communication strategy with our body.

This is a core tenet in my coaching with clients is helping them to fine tune their own body communication and heighten their intuition. These skills don't have rules to follow, yes or no foods lists, or 21 days of anything. Instead, the skills I teach can be used for life to help you build a team with your body and adapt to changes over time. Because really, we don’t want to be fighting or struggling any more - whats the point in that?


Trust is the key ingredient to miracles
— Danielle Laporte

So no matter how much you feel alone along your journey, just know that you aren't. Trust that you are in exactly the right place at the right time. There are so many others that are navigating their way through their own chronic disease. And while we have to do our own journey solo, its by no means alone. It can be fun and uplifting, maybe even some joy sprinkled in, along the way.