So this Science of Happiness Academy that I took while at the World Domination Summit last month, yep, I’m still going through my notes and sifting out the gems. One of them was learning that as Happiness is a skill that needs to be practiced! One way to do that? Know what your top skills are and practice more of those!

Oh my gosh, I mean here’s the sticky bit with that one for me. I tend to never really acknowledge myself for my accomplishments, skills or anything positive really. (Can you say Type A much?) In recent years, I’m starting to slow down to recognize those things. But skills, I tend to not ever consider it! I don’t know why. Im sure its some lingering sneaky limited belief buried there that I have not looked at. 

So I decided I was going to practice. And I decided that I would go back to that exercise and really give it a good go! So glad I did because the change in how I felt, was measureable! Talk about an injection of happiness in 5 minutes!

Want to know about the exercise and what my top ones are? Check out the video!

Once you have had a chance to watch, I would love to know! What is one top skill that you came up with, and how are you going to use it more in your life?