If you asked me a few years ago, “what gives you joy?”, I’d prattle off a few things that I liked to do, but on the inside, when I asked myself that question….


… crickets …


I would draw a blank. I didn’t know anymore! And it freaked me out to not know! When I was a little girl, playing in the garden, or with my model horses, those things gave me joy and I sought out time to partake in those things. Then somewhere along the way, adult happened. And slowly, mysteriously, the joy seemed to fade into nothing like the vapor that fades from dry ice. Now, I wasn’t depressed, or miserable - in fact I was doing a lot of things, achieving a lot of success, but somehow I had confused success and milestones and achievement with joy. Yet when I asked myself what gives me joy, my mind went blank.

What the heck? So I set out to answer that question, and the answer was quite surprising!

My friend Alexandra had posted to her Instagram last month, this lovely quote:

Joy. I’ve looked for it in so many places in so many ways. Put it in others people’s hands and asked them to cultivate it for me. For them to do the work. I bought things that brought me joy, but it was all fleeting.

True joy must be found within yourself. You have to work for it, demand it, strive for it.

I recently met a fellow traveller who was describing his manifesto of the road (aka we were chatting over beers) and he told me about how he tries to find joy in life in every situation. And if it’s not there? He goes in search of it. He doesn’t depend on anything other than himself to fulfill his life.

What a concept that would be if we depended on ourselves more …
— @agirlandhervan

So, I recorded a video to share with you just what I found out about Joy, once I got curious about it! Check it out!

Once you have had a chance to watch, I would love to know!  Channelling your inner Marie Kondo, what sparks your joy?