Have you ever stopped to wonder exactly how many nutrients are in the foods that you eat? Usually the answer to that question is no. A lot of us just eat what we find, it's been that way since we were kids and sort of stuck with us as an unconscious habit. I don’t know about you, but I don’t go to the grocery store thinking, “does this Bell Pepper have more Vitamin C in it than the one at the farmer’s market?” It’s usually something like, “hey, this Bell Pepper would go good in my stir fry!”

The modern food distribution system makes it super convenient to pick up produce of any kind from just about anywhere in the world, but what is not so easily seen is how little nutrients that food has by the time it’s gotten to your local grocery chain. Sometimes that food has been picked weeks ago and travelled thousands of miles before it’s on your plate. That whole time, the crucial nutrients have been depleting since the moment it was picked or plucked. In this short video I explain the easiest way to maximize the nutrients in your food.

You’ll also get a peek into what we got that week at the Farmer’s Market. That haul, by the way lasted from Saturday to Wednesday.

Once you have had a chance to watch, I would love to know –

How do you get farm fresh food to your table? If you are not yet going to farmer’s markets or using a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), see if you can find out when a local market or CSA will be available to you. Let me know what you find!