When I first started working with a holistic practitioner on my health, the sheer number of supplements had me very overwhelmed! I mean, holy cats!! How in the heck do I organize all the bottles, and remember to take them when I should? To top it all off, I wasn't feeling well most days and the energy it took to just keep them organized was exhausting!

So, as I was getting ready for our 6 week road trip, I once again became a bit overwhelmed and realized I needed to share with you the various ways I keep them all organized. So watch the video to get several insights on how to organize them all!

Oh, and I forgot to show you in the video how I charted out the supplement schedule. I used a simple spreadsheet to keep it organized and would usually have that taped to the wall next to the supplement bottles. Something like this one, below.

Another way to keep yourself on schedule is to use an app to help you remember. I used an app called Medisafe on my smartphone to keep me on task. I still use it when I travel because my routine gets jostled. So Medisafe keeps me on track!


Once you have had a chance to watch, I would love to know!

Do you have any other great organization tips for when you are doing a supplement protocol? Share in the comments below - I’m sure other readers would love to know!