Sleep. It’s something many of us take for granted and try to replace with a steady diet of caffeine-laden beverages like coffee, tea, and Red Bull. (Please tell me you are not drinking Red Bull anymore!) But sleep isn’t something that’s easily replicated or replaced.

Like food or water, it is something we all desperately need and cannot live without. Given that irrefutable importance, the development of quality sleeping habits is absolutely essential to healthy living. If you struggle with your sleeping habits—like I once did—I want to dedicate this week’s blog post to YOU. I’m going to introduce you to the tools and strategies I employed to start getting ahead of the curve on sleep. I’ll talk about applications like, tools, and philosophies that will radically transform how well you rest at night.

After you've had a chance to watch, I have a challenge for you — Pick one of the tips, try it this week, then tell me whether it has helped you improve your sleep by leaving me a comment below.


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