This July, I attended the World Domination Summit again. It's becoming an experience that I really love to cultivate each year. I love to be immersed in a sea of like-minded individuals who are all seeking the answers to this one question:

How can we live a remarkable life in a conventional world?

This applies to health, wellbeing and vitality too! How can we have optimal vitality while living in a conventional world? I know, some people really do get into their re-enactment of the whole Paleo thing, but that is not what I'm talking about. I prefer finding ways to make sure that every day is magical, that every day we have energy and wake up knowing that we can make a difference today. And for people with chronic illness, these days may be hard to come by. But my goal is to find simple ways for each of us to have just a little bit more vitality each day while remaining in this conventional world.

So how do we do this when life puts challenges in our way? You know, those big life changes that are often asked on questionnaires. Getting married, getting a new job, changing jobs, moving to a new city, having a child or getting a new pet... Those changes.

It seems that almost everyone I know is moving right now. For one reason or another, the housing shuffle has begun, including my husband and myself. We are moving too! And no matter how much I have Type-A'ed the organization on the move, its still got its stresses. And what I realized is that at first I wanted to just add the move activities onto our normal life. Then the ah-ha hit!

When going through one of life's big changes, you can either just add it in... Likely resulting in way more stress than you are used to - and we all know what happens to your health under high stress! Or, you can make friends with the change and invite it in. The latter gives you space to make a collaboration with that change to find ease, calm and space to continue remarkable vitality!

So here's my 5 tips to take on one of life's big changes (relocation for me) and maintain vitality at the same time. And in a sense, this is exactly the kind of thing that applies to living a remarkable life in a conventional world!

  1. Make a plan - This may be somewhat obvious, but without a plan, life changes can get overwhelming pretty quickly. So we set out a plan for how we were going to sort through our belongings, pack and schedule the move. Because everyone involved was aware of all the tasks that needed to be done and when they needed to be done by, we could work together toward the same goal.
  2. Take breaks - These big life changes don't usually happen overnight. Most are intentional and take time to prepare for. Make sure to leave space for you to take breaks on a regular basis. The conventional world doesn't stop just because you are moving, getting married or having a child! Its easy to get tired trying to do it all, so remember to take breaks whether that is daily, weekly or monthly. Get some down time in there too! 
  3. Celebrate the mini-milestones - If we don't celebrate the milestones, its too easy to get focused only on the outcome. Its important to celebrate the journey along the way. So for us and our move, we celebrated each time we finished sorting through a room and getting that stuff donated. It felt good to acknowledge the hard work that went into sorting through 12 years of stuff!
  4. Revel the imperfection - Yep, I said it. No matter how much I spend my time on #1 above, its not going to be perfect. So instead of getting stressed out about making it perfect, I just roll with it. I couldn't help that it rained on my wedding day, but even with a little bit of rain, it was still perfect! 
  5. Say yes, selectively - This is the hardest one for me, because I don't *want* to give up on the rest of life that is happening while Im consumed with my move project. Invites to events, travel opportunities, etc., I like to say yes to everything! But I have more than my fair share of project happening right now and galavanting off to Hawaii, Mexico or Canada right now is probably not wise. So I suggest that during times like these to be very conscious of what you say yes to. Im not suggesting you say no to everything either - we need a good mix so we can have remarkable vitality in the midst of it all. But don't get over-committed either.