I miss coffee. I'll admit it. For decades, I used to really geek out on it: I loved knowing about the origins of the beans, how they were roasted and the flavor profiles. I was one of those that weighed out grams of freshly ground beans and water heated to exactly 205°F to make the perfect french press. I even at one point had one of those fancy, make-any-espresso-drink-you-want machines from Italy. 

But mostly I missed the morning ritual of having a warm drink with body, and bitterness and never sweet. Whether black, or with a dollop of perfectly steamed foam on top. Later it was blended with unsalted butter and collagen. Whichever way it was, I loved the ritual of it.

But then I had to get serious about my adrenal health. Even though I was loving the kick I would get from caffeine, I was continually taking out debt on an energy loan that I wasn't able to pay back. No matter how much sleep I got, I never managed to wake up feeling like I didn't need my cup of joe to make it through the day. I had to break up with caffeine entirely. Its been a stormy break up too - on again and off again. I was not able to simply just walk away and move on. I had to keep coming back to that infatuation.

Then came along a discovery of herbal "coffee". I had tried other blends before and always felt worse on them even though they claimed there was no gluten in them. Actually, I suspect trace amounts of gluten that I may be reacting to. But I decided to try this new one by Delicious Obsessions since the ingredient list was really small.

Holy SMOKES! I LOVE this stuff! Okay lets be real - this is NOT like coffee. But I can tell you its a great beverage that *looks* like coffee, has a bold body to it, and just a touch of bitterness that I love about coffee. And no, I don't get the zing that coffee gave - thats caffeine silly. But I do feel good after drinking it and I know that its supporting healthy liver function at the same time. I can drink it black, or with butter/collagen, topped with some coconut milk, hot or iced. I love it! And mainly, I love that my morning brew ritual is back. 

Im so excited about this that I'm doing a GIVEAWAY of a sampler pack of both of the Delicious Obsessions herbal "coffee" blends. Ready to get a great morning ritual without the adrenal damaging caffeine? Click below to enter the giveaway. Giveaway ends Sunday 10 May at 20:00 PT!

UPDATE 11 May 15: Congratulations to Jade H, you are the winner! I have emailed you so check your email to get details about receiving your samples!