Image courtesy of Toréa Rodriguez

Image courtesy of Toréa Rodriguez

I dont have one of those posters on the wall above my desk with inspirational quotes, and I typically ignore those kinds of posts on social media. But every now and then Danielle Laporte posts some pretty good #truthbomb's. The other day, I uncovered a very simple set of two words on one of her truth bomb cards: People Heal.

O.M.G.!! It was one of those moments where the universe was trying to give me a message. I think anyone who is on a long-term healing journey can understand. We spend so much time making sure we procure, prepare and eat the right foods, get the right amount and quantity of sleep, do the right kind of stress reduction, make sure we are doing enough exercise yet at the same time not too much exercise, take the right supplements at the right times of day (yes, its overwhelming when you put it all together like that)... And then sometimes, even all of that, and we still are sick! It's those moments that I get impatient and think that there will never be change.


But then, I read these two words and its like the universe placed its hand on my shoulder and just reminded me that, "yes this will happen. It may take time, but it will happen." Actually, it was more like Aslan came strolling beside me and said those words as a huge gentle reminder. (I think I will always love those books!)

The truth is that the body has an innate capacity to heal. Its sort of what it is built to do. Cells breakdown and get recycled and rebuilt time and time again. Every second that we're alive, the cells in our bodies are endlessly working to bring us back to a natural state of homeostasis (or equilibrium).

In fact, here are a few TEDx talks by Lissa Rankin MD that are worth the few minutes watching: her first talk and her second talk. Lissa talk about the science and the practice of Mind over Medicine and how healing has a lot to do with our mindset! If we are constantly stressing out about not healing fast enough, or well enough, then that will negatively impact our body's capacity for healing. She suggests its a much better approach to focus on the positive and use mindfulness (1) to boost the body's capacity for healing. Does that mean you have to have an elaborate mediation practice? No! Even just repeating a few words or taking a deep breath will help!

Sometimes, all it takes is to take a deep breath and remember that People Heal.