Image courtesy of Toréa Rodriguez

Image courtesy of Toréa Rodriguez

Last week, I talked about how to Detox Your Morning Routine. One of those ways that I do that is I make my own body lotion - or in this case body butter. I do this because I could not find a lotion to put on my skin that was completely free of chemicals. And knowing that the skin is our largest organ and that it absorbs what is put on it, I really wanted zero chemicals. Not one or two, zero.

So I started dabbling with recipes for homemade lotions online and finally settled on my own concoction that has a long enough shelf life and I can control the scent and healing properties with my own essential oils.  So, today, I'd like to share that recipe with you!

Body butter is an excellent moisturizer that applies very easily and leaves your skin soft. Its easy to make at home, and while it takes a while to whip up, if you have a stand mixer you can just walk away and check back periodically. One thing to note: if this gets warmed up and melts after you've made it, it won't re-solidify in the same fluffy texture. Its still just as good, but it looses the whipped consistency.

DIY Healing Body Butter Recipe

Makes: ~3 cups

Image courtesy of Toréa Rodriguez

Image courtesy of Toréa Rodriguez

Equipment required:

  • Glass or steel bowl and pot (for DIY double boiler)
  • Stand mixer
  • Jars for storage



  1. Gently melt the all ingredients except the arrowroot powder & essential oils in the bowl resting on a pot of simmering water (or use a double boiler). No need for high heat, you just want each of the ingredients to liquify.
  2. Take mixture off of the heat and mix in the arrowroot powder.
  3. Allow the mixture to cool just to the point of getting slight solidification at the edges of a bowl. This may take a while, especially in summer. You can use the refrigerator, but keep an eye on it as it can solidify entirely pretty quickly once it cools enough.
  4. Pour contents into the bowl of a stand mixer. Use the whisk attachment to whip the mixture until it gets lighter in color and fluffy. This can take quite awhile. If you are in a rush, you can cool the outside of the mixer bowl with ice in a bag, or an ice pack to speed things up. 
  5. Once the texture begins to have a whipped consistency, stop the mixer and add in your essential oils. Then whip again until soft peaks form. It will get firmer as it sets up.
  6. Scoop the body butter into lidded jars and store at room temperature or in the refrigerator if your house gets really hot in summer.


Once I learned about the quality differences of essential oil manufacturers, I now only use Young Living oils in my DIY products. If you want to learn more, you can check out my Essential Oil page. I also source my butters and oils from Mountain Rose Herbs for similar reasons.

* You can use any combination you wish. I use Ylang Ylang for the scent, Orange for enhancing the complexion, Lavender for scent and its soothing properties and Geranium for moisturizing and scent. You can use any oils you want to switch things up or tune the healing properties to what your own skin needs.