CC image courtesy of Armosa Studios

CC image courtesy of Armosa Studios

The power of voice...  Make good choices... Saving your creative soul... Make the real unreal... Take one brave step... Design your life... Take imperfect action... It's okay to just stop... Wear your superhero cape... Community. Adventure. Service.  

This is the verbal soundtrack of the World Domination Summit.

It's become a thing. The World Domination Summit is now an official, annual event for my life. It takes a bit of time to wrap your head around the immense inspiration, the wonderful people you get to meet, the support you get from all these people that were yesterday strangers, yet at the summit have become some of your biggest supporters. Everyone has a dream, and at WDS you are immersed in a supportive community; to find your spark and blow on it until it becomes a raging fire of light and love in the tribe you choose to call home.

By far, one of the most impactful speakers (for me at least) on the main stage this year was Jadah Sellner, founder of And while she's revolutionizing green smoothies, her talk was about bringing your dreams into action with three simple (not easy, mind you) steps:

  1. Say your dreams out loud - when you say your dreams out loud it allows your subconscious mind to experience it as reality.
  2. Take imperfect action - a whole lot of it!
  3. Let go - letting go of the control we want to keep, allows the dream to flourish and take a life of its own.

Not only are there main stage speakers, but we get to hear from Attendees on stage about their amazing accomplishments and dreams. One acutely impacting Attendee story was shared by Esmé Wang who had only a few minutes on stage. She spoke about how she's morphed her own schizophrenia into coaching patients and doctors to see the person as a whole, rather than seeing only the illness. One sentence hit me like a lightning rod and resonated so deeply: "Take your brokenness, shine a light through it to other people and it will shine back on you."

So lets put this into practice, shall we?

Jadah and Esmé have bolted me into action. I'll start with one (of many to come) imperfect action for today – saying my dreams out loud:

I want to help the millions of people worldwide with AutoImmune Disease live a life that is full of abundant health, vitality and joy. I want to remove the isolation, like I experienced for so many years, of not finding a tribe: a safe place to connect with the pain, agitation and debilitation that AI can bring. Through creating this community, I can coach people to make simple shifts in their lives so not only they can put that AI into remission, they can flourish in their rediscovered health!
— Toréa Rodriguez

And while that statement is not refined or polished (remember, imperfect action here), it's now out there. The hint of the vision I have to help change the world and make a difference in the lives of others. Anyone ready to join me? If so, leave a comment below or sign up for my consultations above.

Oh, and did I mention that I am now a two-time world record holder? This one, The Great Namaste, was just as amazing as last year's experience. Less about the record and just about the belonging to a great community.