Image courtesy of Toréa Rodriguez

Image courtesy of Toréa Rodriguez

So its been 3 months (well nearly so) and I have managed to work just fine with a closet that has limited items. It's funny, in the beginning, I thought it might be hard, but then in reality it was super easy - almost as if having less items to choose from was how it was always meant to be. 

I did find some additional insights from my first round of Project 333 that I wanted to share with you:

  1. Who is that person? Found that I still have clothes that I am saving for a person who I am not these days. Its funny how we hang on to these ideas. I used to be in an office on a regular basis and now I work from home almost exclusively. But yet I hang on to a few pieces that are "appropriate for the office" - yet they continue to collect dust and take up item counts :)
  2. Clothes not appropriate for season. I thought I would layer more over the winter. So I kept some items from summer to use in layering. However, I never needed to layer that much due to our mild winter. So those items, I will keep in the summer rounds, but put away for next winter. 
  3. Unexpected joy! I felt great joy in not having to pick out what to wear! In someone who is looking for ways to minimize stress in her life, this is a godsend. I used to belabor about what to wear, how to put together outfits, but what I realized is that choosing and creating outfits became more obvious with fewer choices. I have really noticed a difference from the mental stresses that I used to carry regarding clothing decisions.
  4. The confidence discovery! Im not sure where I picked up the idea that if I fit in a smaller size, I will be more confident. This is so far from the truth! This last round, I held on to a few too many pairs of pants that I thought I "sorta" fit into and found that I was increasingly uncomfortable wearing them. You know, the ones that fit in the early morning, but by the afternoon you are so uncomfortable you are mildly agitated with the rest of the world? Those. I swapped them out for a single pair of pants (purchase) that actually fit the body I have right now. Ah! How pleasurable it is to spend your day not subconsciously aware that your pants don't fit well. Without that nagging irritation of ill-fitting pants, I have discovered much more confidence in the body that I have now rather than literally trying to shove myself into a "box" that doesn't fit me!
Image courtesy of  Toréa Rodriguez

Image courtesy of  Toréa Rodriguez

So seasons are starting to change, we see signs of spring everywhere around here. We've had some unseasonably warm days so I did a mini-swap out of a few items in my winter P333. I took out the heavier wool sweaters and introduced a few light cardigans to replace them with. Those non-fitting pants are put away now. The deal I made with myself is this: If I don't fit into them (comfortably) in the next 4 rounds of P333, then they are getting donated. Im giving myself a year because I know I have some work to do with weight and size. But I'm not going to go on some crazy diet just to fit in jeans for 2 weeks and then gain it back! Diets don't work anyway!

As founder Courtney Carver puts it

This isn’t about how cute your shoes are or how beautiful that cashmere sweater you got on clearance looks hanging in your closet. This minimalist fashion project reveals your true beauty. The beauty that shines from your heart and soul; your core, because nothing is getting in the way.

Result of this N=1 experiment: Success & Continue. I'll be starting a new P333 round in about a month or so (when temps start to be more consistently warm). We'll see if I can get closer to or under 33 items in the next round.