CC Image courtesy of Steve A Johnson

CC Image courtesy of Steve A Johnson

Project 333 is a mini course that has been broken down into 6 distinct action steps to set up for the coming 3 months. The premise is to pare down your clothing & accessories to 33 items and use those for the next 3 months. Some call this creating a capsule wardrobe.

Why am I doing this? I wanted to do this mainly to focus on some clutter that was oozing out of my closet. I know from past sessions of decluttering how freeing the activity can be. We surround ourselves by things and stuff mainly for function, but also entertainment, sentimentality. Sometimes we even define who we are by those things around us. It's an interesting relationship to explore with ourselves. This time I wanted to really explore the relationship around clothing. 

Courtney's mini course is great because it breaks things down into easy steps. What I wasn't expecting was the first step which was writing down answers to some questions about our relationship with clothing. It was fun to use this time of reflection, and out of that I had some epiphanies.

I realized that over the years I have let myself be distracted by magazines, by admiration of others, by mistaken ideas of self, into thinking that the clothing that we wear somehow makes up who we are, or who we project ourselves to be. I realized that I have dressed a certain way to gain acceptance of others. We all do this to some extent, I think. Some of us even dress a certain way to prove a point to others.

Then there is the case of the Skinny Jeans! And im not talking about the cut of the jeans that are all the rage right now, but those jeans we all have in the back of the closet that we've not been able to fit into in years. I was half afraid that my old jeans might have an acid wash! Let's face it, I need clothes that fit who I am right now, not a body from years ago. And even when I lose weight, will my body be shaped exactly the way it was when I wore those jeans last? Probably not. So out they went - so relieved they didnt have acid wash!

What resonated for me, however, was, “is the persona I am trying to project, the person I am right now?”. There was a large donation of clothing today of items that were for a future self, or a past self - for someone whom I am not, right now, in the present. While not quite pared to 33 yet, I am very excited to focus on defining my core Self. Even better is simplifying a wardrobe to accentuate that core Self. The one that is present. Right now.

As I complete the rest of the course steps, I will share about any insights or learnings from this self-experiment. Have any of you tried Project 333 or a capsule wardrobe? What were your insights? Share in the comments below.

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