Image courtesy of Toréa Rodriguez

Image courtesy of Toréa Rodriguez

You may or may not have heard of a thing called Bulletproof Coffee. If you haven't then you need to go over here for some culinary education post haste. If you have, then this concept will be familiar to you.

Even though I consider myself to be a coffee snob, I have opted not to drink coffee on a regular basis because it messes with my cortisol levels in a big way. And since I'm still nurturing my adrenals back to health, I only indulge in coffee on a rare occasion. And yes, this even includes decaf. So what is a girl to do when she wants to have a Bulletproof Coffee, but doesn't drink coffee? Turn to cacao of course!

Several people have asked me about my morning Bulletproof Cacao drink, so I promised that I would write up the recipe on my blog. Oh, and yes, this is my first recipe for my blog. So here goes.

Here is what you need to make a single serving: 

Some notes on the ingredients:

Cacao: Not just any old cacao mind you, but good quality cacao beans that come from an organic, fairly traded source. This is 100% cacao, not chocolate. There's no sugar in here. And the form is important. I have found that cacao powder is extremely bitter in the drink, and can cause disaster pants. No one wants that. Bar's are great, but expensive. Nibs seem to be the easiest to procure and use. 

Grass-fed unsalted butter: Grass-fed is important because you maximize the vitamins and nutrition with grass-fed sources. Unsalted is also important because no matter how much you love that favorite chocolate bar sprinkled with sea-salt and pistachios, salted Bulletproof Cacao is not nearly as fun.

Bulletproof Brain Octane™ and MCT Oils: These are specialized forms of medium chain triglyceride oils. We do get them from the Bulletproof Executive store. The measurements are approximate because you need to start with a small amount, such as one teaspoon of each, and build up to a full tablespoon or more. These are not required, but can be optional if you choose to use them in your regimen.

Here is how you bring it all together:

There are 2 in my household, so what you see here is a double recipe. First thing is to prepare the ingredients mise en place style. Since we are making a hot beverage in several containers, it's important to not miss a beat, else you might wind up with lukewarm Bulletrproof Cacao and that is no way to start the day! Plus you may want to preheat your Vitamix container and mugs with hot water to help reduce thermal loss in the process.

Start by measuring out your desired amount of cacao nibs and place by the blender. Yep, that is a MiniMichelle from NomNom Paleo guiding my culinary prowess.


Then get your fats in order. We measure out our grass-fed butter (you can use grass-fed ghee if you can't tolerate dairy) and melt it. Then we add the Brain Octane™ and MCT oils to the melted butter and set it next to the pre-heated Vitamix.


Remove the hot water from the blender and dump in the nibs and fats. If you are worried about water shortages, let the used hot water cool a bit and use it to cook some soft or hard-boiled eggs for brekkie.


Then add just enough water to bring the total volume up to the top of the blades, no more, no less.


This seems to be the key method to getting the nibs extremely smooth: blend with the fats and just enough water to get the volume just right. Too little volume and the blades can't do their job - huge chunks; too much volume and the blades don't seem to get enough purchase on the nibs to break them down enough. No one likes gritty kitty cacao drinks, unless you like to read your fortune out of the grits at the end. Personally, I like smooth consistency. 

Blend for 30 seconds to a minute. It should look similar to smooth nut butter when done. Don't worry that it seems like half of the drink is all over the sides and top of the blender.


Next pour in the rest of the water you want to use and while you pour, rinse down the sides and the top. For us, we add in enough water to make 2 mugs worth. So our total volume, read off the side of the blender container is 2.5-3 cups. For a single serving you want it to read 1-1.5 cups. Once you have more water in the container, and all the sides rinsed, give it one final spin on high for another minute. Pour into your preheated mugs and YUM!


Seems that once people go bulletproof on their coffee, they don't go back to black coffee. The same is true for the "hot chocolate" Now we can't imagine a hot morning beverage any other way!