CC Image courtesy of Tim Sackton

CC Image courtesy of Tim Sackton

Fall is my favorite season!!  It reminds me that we all go through transitions and transformation each year. I love the changing of the leaves, and the crisp air in the morning and evening. I look forward to switching out my clothes for cooler temperatures (I follow a Project 333 model), and this morning I made butternut squash soup with sage - a soup I have not made in a long time that is perfect for the cooler temps. I know some people go pumpkin crazy and while I enjoy carving pumpkins, I'm not one that does pumpkin-flavored-everything during this time of year. I do love the winter squashes though - in fact we had roasted Kabocha squash last night too!

It's also the time of year that most people get bogged down with colds, flus and sniffles. For the most part, my body is more resilient than it ever has been in the cooler months, but I have too many memories of being sick, so I do what ever I can to avoid the flu and colds in the cooler months. Around here, that includes fitting in bone broth where ever I can: it was the base for my butternut squash soup today, or I'll sip it like tea, or use it as a braise liquid. I commonly spike my mineral water with some elderberry syrup or tea. It also means more usage of essential oils like Thieves, Lemon and Frankincense either diffused, applied topically or used in my home cleaning products. I also make sure I am staying clear of sugar and dairy this time of year. That helps me keep my immune system in top shape. If you want to learn more about how I use essential oils in the home and for fall/winter, I'm co-hosting a webinar with my pal Arsy Vartanian on the basics this coming Tuesday 21 Oct at 6pm PT.

Upcoming Online Events

In other news, there are two really great online summits happening. The first event, the Women's Only Weight Loss Summit, begins October 21, and will be FREE to watch while the event is going on. Now while you might immediately think its a bunch of fad gimmicks, its really not. The speakers are all very knowledgable about health and wellness and emphasize true health as a means to weight loss. I know this was certainly true for me, I did not loose the weight until I was able to correct hormone imbalance, and GI health. And lets face it, from exercise, to hormones, and even macronutrients & calories – women have different requirements than men when it comes to losing weight. I'm excited that this group of health professionals are coming together to lay it all out in one place. If you can't keep up with the schedule you can always purchase lifetime access to the event.

The next one after that is going to be awesome - The Digestion Sessions. For me, it was one of the last key pillars in getting my health back which was really looking at digestion and GI health. Sean Croxton runs amazing summits and this one is no different, I mean just watch the trailer! It starts on November 9th and covers all aspects of digestive health. Early registration is live now. And I will be writing more in the coming weeks detailing my own digestion health and healing journey.