Some of you may remember my talking about getting a second opinion.  While I am thrilled to get additional information from a new specialist, it does that we take a lot more tests, wait again for results and then decide treatment strategies from there. All worth it, in my opinion, if it leads to a solution away from my Hormone Whacktasticness™. In fact, after starting a new thyroid medication, my cold hands and feet were no longer a problem. It was pretty remarkable at how quickly I noticed a change. No more freezer toes for me!

Three tests we did right away were:  thyroid ultrasound, food allergy panel, and heavy metals screening. The thyroid ultrasound was the first I have had in the 5 years I have had problems with my thyroid. The good news, no large nodules, which means no cancer. But we did find nodules, and I get to keep track of them each year to make sure they don't get any bright ideas like deciding to grow to the size of a grapefruit.

Image by Toréa Rodriguez

Image by Toréa Rodriguez

While the food allergy panel is interesting, one has to take the results with the understanding that food allergies come and go. It's all about the inflammation you have at the time of testing which promotes reactivity. In addition, we cross-react to foods, which is a whole other discussion, but here are some geeky details. For example, I did not show reactive to wheat or gluten. But because I don't eat those foods - ever - they wont show up since there is no inflammation related to those proteins. But, I do cross react with yeasts and dairy. I was most worried about eggs. I love eggs and was really afraid I might be allergic to them, but thankfully, I can continue to eat them. What was surprising was some of the fruits that came up as causing a reaction. I mean, come on, who on earth is allergic to cranberries?? Well apparently I am! And had I been eating them in copious amounts during the holidays? - you bet!  So I eliminate a few foods out of my diet to see if things get better with the thyroid.

Which leaves the heavy metals screening. Now this is interesting. I expected Mercury since I had almalgum fillings when I was younger. But that was the least of our concerns. Cadmium and Lead are my primary heavy metals that are sequestered away in my bones. Since heavy metals can make the Hormone Whacktasticness™ difficult to treat, we are going to see if we can get rid of the Cadmium and Lead. I start that protocol this week and it can take anywhere from 45-180 days. Probably the latter since its in bone tissue and bone tissue doesnt turn over as fast as say internal organ tissue. The hope is that we will make my own thyroid more efficient at it's job without the additional heavy metals causing toxicity in my tissues.

For the remainder of the tests, we wait. I am scheduled for the blood draw this week and will have results back in another week. Those tests are to check-in on how my Thyroid is doing with a new medication, check my iron levels, screen for Celiac diseas and possibly Graves AI. I'll report back when those results come in.