CC Image Courtesy of JLi21

CC Image Courtesy of JLi21

I love New Year’s Day! Not because of the bubbles, fireworks and noise makers that mark the stroke of midnight, personally, I usually sleep right through it all. Rather, it seems that the whole world tries to reinvent itself all at once. Many do so through resolutions, some revel in the possibility that a new year brings, and some are just grateful that 2013 is finally over! Whatever the reason, I love the reinvention and creativity this day brings, even if most of those intentions get quietly tucked away with the holiday decorations

Normally, I am all for making goals and big plans. But that implies that there is direction to guide those goals. Lately I have been pondering, “What’s next?” Casually, mind you, but its still a recurring question that comes to mind. Yet the vision is not there; there’s no passion or dream I am working towards. Tess Vigeland talked at this year’s World Domination Summit about not having a "What's next?". Quite resonating for me. So I’m going for discovery this year. This year, instead of setting any goals at all, I am going to see if I can create a few habits and embark on some lifestyle experiments to see if they will stick for me.

Partly inspired by Leo Babauta’s Year of Living Without, I have outlined several things to start off my year of discovery. Instead of changing things up each month, I am going to give my experiments the “good ‘ol college try” of 3 months. The first 6 weeks for building the habit, and the last 6 weeks for learning to maintain the habit. So for the first quarter of the year, here are my 3 new things I’m experimenting with:

  • Project 333: Only 33 articles of clothing (with a few exceptions) for 3 months. Time to get outfit creative! But also a push for deepening simplicity in my life.
  • Drinking hot water with lemon first thing in the morning. They say it does your digestion good, and I could always use a boost of hydration in the morning. :)
  • Yoga. I’ve dabbled in yoga before, but never maintained a consistent practice. I tried a few Iyengar classes over the holidays and really enjoyed them. So I'm going to see if I can build a regular practice over the next 3 months.

So here’s to a grand 2014 of discovery! I'm curious what this approach will teach me about myself and how it will help me craft new dreams and visions.

Of course, I will also repeat some things I am familiar with that worked last year. The first of which, I’ll be doing another #21DSD 21 Day Sugar Detox (which is now a book and cookbook). Sugar is everywhere during the holidays, so time to be without for a few weeks!

Are you discovering or experimenting in 2014? Share in the comments some of your planned experiments or new found discoveries!