@chrisguillebeau welcoming everyone to the first keynote session. CC Image courtesy of Armosa Studios

 @chrisguillebeau welcoming everyone to the first keynote session. CC Image courtesy of Armosa Studios

I had read the stories about how cool this conference was, how life changing, etc. But I'm not a blogger… (never mind the fact that this is showing up on a blog, but I digress). I've never published a book, I have not traveled to every country on the planet… who am I to say that a conference could be so awe inspiring and life changing to the commoner? Uh, no really. It was AhMAZeING!!

Okay, wait. What the heck is the World Domination Summit (or #WDS2013)? Many people will describe it in many ways, but for me it is a gathering of 2800 like-minded people who want to live extraordinary lives when we are surrounded by the pressures of convention.  

WDS was inspiring in just about every moment. If a moment was not particularly inspiring, then the mind was reeling in the sheer coolness-factor of being surrounded by so many amazing people. And when people weren't enough there were really really fun events like having a party in a zoo, setting a world record, or spontaneous Bollywood dancing, just to name a few.

But what did it mean for me personally? It meant sitting down the very next day after the conference and writing. See, every time I think I should write something to the world, I get accosted by what @AndrewWarner calls the Counter Mind. This is the mind that latches onto those negative thoughts that tell you immediately that you can't do something when you set out to do it. Writing for me triggers that Counter Mind and it gets so dominating that I start marching along to its mantra and don't write. I go find other “productive” stuff to do instead. And really, we all know I'm just avoiding writing.

Its easy for me to tell you what the Counter Mind says, because its what I hear. each. and. every. moment. of. every. day! I won't bore you with the details, instead Im focusing today on the True Mind. The mind thought that says, I want to write and I want to share my insights with all of you. So that is exactly what I am doing today.