So what's it like to be a world record holder?

Well, let me tell you. It's pretty much just like any other day. But performing the world record is something I would have never thought to be a part of had it not been for the World Domination Summit. At first, I scoffed and thought it was silly, but then I thought, "Why not? I'll be in Portland anyway!" So there we went, down to the Willamette River, the 4 of us and ~620 others who collected an inner tube and life jacket and make one long contiguous human chain afloat. The whole process took about three hours. Thankfully the sun wasn't out - or this one would be fried to a crisp that long on the water. But sadly, the sun wasn't out and I spent about an hour and a half shivering uncontrollably. But check out the video above and you'll get an idea of what it takes to pull off a world record!